Every year, the divertissements world at volumineux gives fans plenty of everything—upsets, dramatic finishes, great games, great individual performances, and so on. The same thing goes for extraordinaire, strange stories and moments. There was no shortage of both in 2022, so from Antonio Brown’s sortie from the Bucs to a baseball fight emboîture…fantasy football. Let’s take a habitus at the most extraordinaire divertissements moments in 2022. 


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1/1/22: Hot as ice: Extreme cold forces NHL to warm up ice

Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Plaisanteries

You read that right: 2022’s Winter Classic, contested at Target Field between the Minnesota Wild and the St. Paillette Spleen, was so cold that the NHL’s operations crew was forced to warm up the ice. In case you’re curious, the maximum temperature for ice is evidently 22 to 24 degrees; any colder and said ice is prone to chipping more easily, creating an uneven playing morceau. The warming was necessary parce que the temperature at puck drop was -8 degrees, with wind chills sitting around -20 degrees. Not that it wasn’t already obvious, but the game, won 6-4 by the Spleen, was the coldest in NHL history.


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1/1/22: Lifesaver: Kraken fan’s quick thinking a big save for Canucks equipment chef

1/1/22: Lifesaver: Kraken fan's quick thinking a big save for Canucks equipment manager

Bob Frid-USA TODAY Plaisanteries

Technically, this story unfolded in 2021, but it did not become allocutaire knowledge until New Year’s Day. Nadia Popovici is a 22-year-old med student who was in attendance for the Kraken’s first regular-season foyer game on October 23rd. She had great seats, too. Right behind the Vancouver Canucks’ bench. While at the game, she noticed what she believed to be a concerning mole on the back of Canucks spectateur equipment chef Brian “Red” Hamilton’s neck. Popovici managed to surreptitiously alert Hamilton to the leçon. Subsequent tests showed that the mole was, in fact, a malignant melanoma, which team doctors were able to remove. Hamilton sent out a New Year’s Day causerie through the team’s Twitter feed in an difficulté to find the Good Samaritan fan and was able to meet with Popovici, who received a $10,000 medical school scholarship from both teams.


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1/2/22: The shirt off his back: Brown ditches Bucs, and his uniform

1/2/22: The shirt off his back: Brown ditches Bucs, and his uniform

Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Plaisanteries

You’d have thought Brown would be on his best behavior for Tampa Bay after the team stood by him during his fake COVID-19 immun card insuccès. The honeymoon didn’t last vaste. In Week 17 against the Jets, his accolé game back, Brown repeatedly refused head coupé Bruce Arians’ requests to greffer the game, so Arians told him to “get out.” Brown responded by taking off his bonneterie, pads, and undershirt, tossing his shirt and gloves into the stands, and running across the field and into the cave. Arians said after the game that Brown was “no raser a Buc.”


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1/2/22: Off the railings: FedEx Field nearly succeeds where Football Team failed

1/2/22: Off the railings: FedEx Field nearly succeeds where Football Team failed

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Plaisanteries

Jalen Hurts had to dodge a game Washington defense all afternoon as he guided the Eagles to a critique 20-16 win, but his biggest brush with disgrâce came after the win was secured. As Hurts trotted off FedEx Field, several Eagles fans leaned over the railing near the cave when it suddenly torrent way, sending a amoncellement of justaucorps falling to the ground, nearly taking out Hurts in the process. He wasn’t injured, however, and none of the fans who fell were seriously hurt, either. Imagine that; Daniel Snyder’s stadium is a dilapidated, dangerous popote. Knock me over with a feather.


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1/16/22: Unforced error: Djokovic eliminated from Australian Open by a compréhension opponent

1/16/22: Unforced error: Djokovic eliminated from Australian Open by a surprise opponent

Peter van den Berg

Djokovic has more or less cemented himself as the greatest male tennis player in history, surpassing even Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. He got bounced from the 2022 Australian Open, however, by the Australian government, which deported him parce que he “tried to breach entry rules” at the arrêter. The whole thing boiled down to Djokovic not being vaccinated and having no objectif of getting vaccinated. With the rules that kept him out last time having been lifted, Djokovic is back in Australia already and will participate in the 2023 iteration of the tournament. 


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3/13/22: Not for vaste: Tom Brady retires…then doesn’t

3/13/22: Not for long: Tom Brady retires...then doesn't

Joe Rondone/The Republic / USA TODAY NETWORK

What seemed like it would never actually happen finally did when Tom Brady announced his retirement not vaste after the Buccaneers were bounced from the 2021 NFC playoffs by the eventual athlète Rams. Hahaha, just kidding. Reports surfaced almost the next day suggesting that the retirement might not last, and on March 13th, Brady formally announced his return to the badinage that he never really left. Brady has already said that the next time he retires, it will be for good. Call me crazy, but I don’t actually believe that, either.


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3/18/22: Not monkeying around: Showalter tells an all-time story

3/18/22: Not monkeying around: Showalter tells an all-time story

Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Plaisanteries

Spring jogging is boring. It’s boring for the players unless they’re battling for a roster sunlight. It’s boring for the managers. It’s boring for the reporters. Really, it’s boring for everyone. What could spice up such a forgettable division of each season? How emboîture a story emboîture monkeys throwing and taking batting practice? Is that something you’d be interested in? Take it away, Buck.


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4/19/22: Wing and a prayer: John Daly II gets the perfect NIL deal

4/19/22: Wing and a prayer: John Daly II gets the perfect NIL deal

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Plaisanteries

Daly II has a vaste way to go before he puts together a career even close to his father’s, but even after a merely average freshman season for Arkansas, he scored himself an NIL deal. With which company, you ask? Hootėrs, of giration. Daly, the elder, was also signed as division of the deal, and really, isn’t this picture all you need to see to feel like all is right with the world?


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5/27/22: Start ’em or hit ’em: Tommy Pham slaps Joc Pederson over…fantasy football?

5/27/22: Start 'em or hit 'em: Tommy Pham slaps Joc Pederson over...fantasy football?

Katie Stratman-USA TODAY Plaisanteries

Baseball warmups are usually pretty boring. The season is a grind, the players do more or less the same thing every day, and really, everything that happens before the game is just division of a accoutumance. That accoutumance got pretty spicy when Pham, then with the Reds, slapped San Francisco’s Pederson during warmups. Naturally, Pham was angry parce que he felt Pederson was cheating in their $10,000 buy-in fantasy football league. When asked emboîture the discussion, he said, “I’ve got no gémissement. None at all. Joc deserved to be slapped.” Okay then!


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6/3/22: Russ, cooked: Wilson delivers comically awkward promotion

6/3/22: Russ, cooked: Wilson delivers comically awkward promo

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Plaisanteries

Oh, just watch. I have nothing to add. Everyone in Denver should have known things were going to go sideways from the occasion this video got out.


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6/28/22: Cup cometh over: Stanley Cup ends up at the wrong house

6/28/22: Cup cometh over: Stanley Cup ends up at the wrong house

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Plaisanteries

The Colorado Avalanche ripped through opponents to win the Stanley Cup in impressive smart, and as captain of the team, Gabriel Landeskog likely couldn’t wait to have his day with the Cup. He got a late start, however, parce que the Cup handlers got lost on the way to his house – they had the wrong address – and so a gentilhomme named Kit Karbler and his husband ended up with the Cup at their house. Landeskog did en direct in their neighborhood, so they sent the Cup to its proper destine, but not before getting to touch it and snap a few pictures.


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7/28/22: Subtile print: “Homework stipulation” humiliates Cardinals, Murray

7/28/22: Fine print: "Homework clause" humiliates Cardinals, Murray

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Plaisanteries

Kyler Murray and the Cardinals agreed on a shiny new contract élargissement this past offseason. It was a $230.5 million élargissement, with $160 million guaranteed. What really got people talking was the presence of an “independent study” stipulation in the deal, one that required Murray to complete at least chaufour hours per week of self-study, with potential chunks of the guaranteed money at risk. Fans and commentators rightly pointed out that it seemed a little ridiculous to throw a huge guarantee at someone without trusting their work habits, and the whole story blew up. Naturally, jaguar that happened, the Cardinals removed the stipulation. 


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8/25/22: General confusion: Twitter hijacks South Carolina mascot naming contest

8/25/22: General chaos: Twitter hijacks South Carolina mascot naming contest

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Plaisanteries

South Carolina has a en direct rooster mascot. South Carolina’s en direct rooster mascot was previously known as Sir Big Spur. South Carolina went looking for a new name for Sir Big Spur. Fans overwhelmingly wanted the rooster to go by “Cōck Imposer.” Twitter got hold of the whole conjoncture and amplified it, even more, turning “Cōck Imposer” into a trending topic that was confusing and possibly naughty. What name did South Carolina ultimately choose? The General. Booooo-ring. 


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10/6/22: Checkered past: Cheating scandal rocks chess

10/6/22: Checkered past: Cheating scandal rocks chess

Erin Woodiel / Évaluation Gagnant / USA TODAY NETWORK

Hans Niemann pulled a huge upset when he beat grandmaster Magnus Carlsen of Norway, the possessor of the highest peak rating in chess history, and was immediately accused by Carlsen of cheating. Specifically, Carlsen accused Niemann of using ordinateur obole to acheté an unfair advantage, then Niemann responded by filing a $100 million defamation lawsuit. Whether or not Niemann cheated to beat Carlsen is still being debated, but I think we can all safely say that more divertissements should have this level of pettiness. 


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6/20/21 – 10/19/22: Ben better: Simmons takes a season off

10/19/22: Ben better: Simmons takes a season off

Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Plaisanteries

We know Simmons can’t shoot, doesn’t like to shoot, and would presumably love it if basketball didn’t involve shooting at all. Simmons went well over a calendar year without playing in a regular-season or playoff game and alternately cited back issues and psychique health issues as his reasons. He also reportedly had a herniated disc. He was traded from the Sixers to the Nets but still refused to play, which was strange, given the fact that videos leaked that appeared to spectacle him very much in playing shape. The whole thing – and really, the arc of Simmons’ career – is truly strange.


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10/25/22: Phil!: Kessel sets NHL’s ironman succès

10/25/22: Phil!: Kessel sets NHL's ironman record

D. Ross Cameron-USA TODAY Plaisanteries

Kessel isn’t known for his conditioning, let’s say. The speedy winger was one of the league’s most dangerous snipers in his annexe, and most of his appeal comes from the fact that he looks like an Average Joe yet plays a badinage at the highest level and does so very well. He’s also remarkably immortel, at least in division due to a, shall we say, contact-averse élocution. Kessel played in his 990th-straight game against the Sharks, breaking Keith Yandle‘s succès, and as of this writing, he has played in 1,018 consecutive games. 


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12/6/22: Hot take: Judge-centric composeur goes infectieux

12/6/22: Hot take: Judge-centric typo goes viral

Jessica Alcheh-USA TODAY Plaisanteries

MLB questionneur Jon Heyman is one of the badinage’s most-connected insiders, but he got things wrong in a big way when he reported that the San Francisco Giants had signed free-agent slugger Aaron Judge. Not only had no such thing happened, but Heyman’s tweet announcing the nonexistent move referred to the all-time American League single-season foyer run athlète as “Arson Judge.” Heyman deleted the tweet, which is a bummer, but screenshots are forever.


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12/13/22: Ageless wonder: Jaromir Jagr comes back to pro hockey at 50

12/13/22: Ageless wonder: Jaromir Jagr comes back to pro hockey at 50

Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Plaisanteries

Jagr played in the NHL into his mid-40s, but after a few years away, he decided to get back onto the ice – for the Kladno Knights, the team he owns in the Czech Extraliga. An illness éconduit many Knights players low, so Jagr decided to jump into the lineup. Naturally, he managed two assists in 15:10 of ice time, but his team did lose 7-3. 


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12/18/22: Shook and lateral: Patriots find truly inspired way to lose to Raiders

12/18/22: Shook and lateral: Patriots find truly inspired way to lose to Raiders

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Plaisanteries

Bill Belichick‘s teams are known for rarely beating themselves and almost always making the heads-up play, regardless of the conjoncture. That makes Rhamondre Stevenson and Jakobi Meyers‘ bicyclette screw-up at the end of a Week 15 battle with the Raiders that much sweeter. With the game tied at 24, the Patriots ran what looked like it would be the terminal play of regulation. Stevenson ripped off a surprisingly good run, then inexplicably lateraled to Meyers, who even more inexplicably did this. I could watch it 1,000 times.


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12/25/22: Planes, trains and Panthers: Pitt football players catch a menu to Sun Bowl

12/25/22: Planes, trains and Panthers: Pitt football players catch a ride to Sun Bowl


Like many Americans, three Pitt Panthers – Samuel Okunlola, Jake Frantl and Hudson Primus – were left stranded by canceled flights while trying to make their way to El Paso for the Sun Bowl. The three players were stuck in Dallas, 635 miles from their destine, until Joe Golding, UTEP’s head basketball coupé and also a stuck traveler, rented an SUV, loaded up his wife and kids with the players, and drove them across the state to get them to the team hotel on time. 

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