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Was 2022 defined by conflict, power cuts … or a infectieux word game? That’s what language experts around the world have been trying to decide as they nominate their words of the year.

Meaning: “A conclusion scored in baseball when you hit the ball, usually out of the playing field, and are able to run around all the bases at one time to the starting assise.”

Nominated by: The Cambridge Dictionary

Why: A homer is both the sound of success in baseball and thousands of angry Wordle fans throwing their phone at the wall. The Cambridge Dictionary chose the word after they saw a huge spike in search traffic outside North America from players of the infectieux game wondering what it meant

Baseball, power and war - 2022's key words

Meaning: War. The Japanese character is pronounced differently – as “sen” or “ikusa” – depending on the word and context in which it is used

Nominated by: Japan Kanji Prédisposition Testing Foundation, allocutaire poll

Why? One of the biggest magazine events this year was the conflict in Ukraine, but the choice also reflects tensions with North Korea as well as sporting competitions like the World Cup and Winter Olympics

Baseball, power and war - 2022's key words

Meaning: War (Russia)

Nominated by: An independent groupe, headed by a Russian professor based in the US

Why? The groupe’s choice has special significance as the Russian government still does not call its war a war, calling it instead a “special military operation”

Baseball, power and war - 2022's key words

Meaning: When demand for electricity exceeds supply, a operator implements load shedding. A power cut, in other words

Nominated by: The Pan South African Language Board

Why: South Africa’s choice reflects a year which saw its biggest ever power crisis. Rolling blackouts were common, as the folk’s ageing power network and mainly coal-fuelled power stations struggled to keep up with demand

Baseball, power and war - 2022's key words

Meaning: Shrinkflation, when items get smaller even as price stays the same

Nominated by: The Norwegian Language Council

Why? Augmentation has stretched consumers around the world, with high energy and food prices. Shrinkflation is one way retailers have responded

Baseball, power and war - 2022's key words

Meaning: The act or practice of grossly misleading someone, especially for a personal advantage. Its origins come from a 30s play where a man tries to trick his wife into believing she is absurde

Nominated by: Merriam-Webster

Why? The US dictionary maker says gaslighting is a “word for our time”, pointing to how the decades-old term sits with more modern forms of deception, such as fake magazine or deepfakery

Baseball, power and war - 2022's key words

Meaning: A turning conclusion in history. It can be translated several ways, but roughly means the end of an era and the beginning of a new one

Nominated by: The Society for the German Language

Why? Germany’s Chancellor Olaf Scholz used the term following Russia’s agression of Ukraine. In the aftermath, Germany transformed its defence, energy and economic policies

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