Health benefits to being a dog parent


Owning a pet is extremely rewarding and challenging at the same time. Apart from dedicating your time to its well-being, you’ll also have to provide a comfortable shelter and bedding, the best food, fresh water, and your constant love and support. In return, you’ll get more than a soul, but a true friend and family member with full rights.

Without trying to underestimate the importance of other pets, there is a reason why the dog is named a man’s best friend. Here are some important health benefits you’ll enjoy if you decide to adopt a pooch.

Improve your immune system

Living with a dog could prove a challenge, but it’s also a blessing for your health. In time, you will develop immunity to your pet’s bacteria so you’ll end up stronger. This could heal some of your allergies and help you fight germs and bacteria in all seasons without requiring additional help from supplements or pills.

It is scientifically proven that the more you are exposed to germs and bacteria from an early age, the healthier and stronger you will become in time.

Therefore, if you think about expanding your family with a baby or you already have one on the way, don’t be too anxious to get rid of your dog yet. Apart from being extremely careful and protective of the little one, dogs will also boost your baby’s health and will help he or she communicate better.


You’ll get more exercise

Another great reason why you should adopt a dog is that you’ll be forced to exercise more. Your pawed friend requires a walk in the park at least once-twice a day, so why not start your own routine while at it?

Think of your dog as the ideal partner for your cardio, stretching or jogging exercises. In just a few months you’ll improve your mobility, lose a few pounds, and get back in shape.

Keep in mind that you’re not doing this only for yourself but also for your furry friend. Some dog breeds like Pugs and French bulldogs are prone to overweight and obesity problems so maintaining an active lifestyle will be beneficial for both of you.


Improve your social life

If you’re socially awkward or don’t have too many friends to hang out with, adopting a pet could change all that. According to one study published in 2015 dogs represent the perfect catalyst for new relationships.

They will help you stay active and interact more with people on a regular basis. Of course, we don’t encourage you to adopt a puppy just to boost your social skills but, if you’re familiar with movies like Beethoven or 101 Dalmatians, you’ll know there is a world full of possibilities for you out there.


Writen by Esteban

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