Disco Sannya – A movie review


Although Bollywood movies may not be your number one choice, you’ve got to admit they have their charm. Most of them feature bursting and colorful decors, cheerful actors, and a naive script. The vast majority of the Indian movies are based on a romantic love story where boy meets girl but their families don’t accept the relationship.

However, every now and then, Bollywood movies are not at all cliche but, on the contrary, come with original scripts and a breathtaking acting performance. In fact, there has been a change of paradigm in India’s latest movies, as directors are seeking more complex subjects, often exploring the tough life in the slums.

It is also the case of two exceptional movies, “Slumdog Millionaire” and “Life of Pi”, both winning prestigious Academy awards and the respect and admiration of the entire world. And, even though “Disco Sannya” is far from being an excellent movie, we still recommend you to see it and give us your thought about it.


The story behind this 2016 Indian movie is simple and complex at the same time. As with many Indian movies recently, it tries to explore the emotional side of people and the unlikely relationships between children and adults in which both parties can lie, cheat, betray or, on the contrary, become positive influences.

Sanya is a little boy who grew up on the streets and is respected and reputed in his area. He tries to make a living by selling different things and is already the leader of a small gang of people who would do anything to follow him and be like him.

But, even though he grew up on the streets, Sanya has a strong moral compass and struggles to make a legal living without resorting to crimes. He doesn’t like stealing and people who take advantage of him and his friends.

One day he stumbles across Shreyas Kale, a narcissistic millionaire who’s extremely arrogant and annoying. He tries to sell some garlands to him but, through a series of unhappy events, Sannya and Shreyas become ultimately linked, a thing that will change their lives forever.

The little boy manages to enter the millionaire’s house and life and will soon be accepted by Kale’s wife, Chitra, in a desperate attempt to reunite the family.


What’s the movie about?

Without any spoilers or too many details, we truly recommend you to watch this movie. It’s the perfect solution for a rainy Sunday afternoon or for a cuddling night spent with your significant other.

This movie is about love, friendship, and uncommon partnerships that become friendships forever. It’s not a comedy in its classical definition, but there are plenty of funny moments that will make you burst into laughter.


Writen by Esteban

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