Disco Sannya – A movie review


Although Bollywood movies may not be your number one choice, you’ve got to admit they have their charm. Most of them feature bursting and colorful decors, cheerful actors, and a naive script. The vast majority of the Indian movies are based on a romantic love story where boy meets girl but their families don’t accept the relationship.

However, every now and then, Bollywood movies are not at all cliche but, on the contrary, come with original scripts and a breathtaking acting performance. In fact, there has been a change of paradigm in India’s latest movies, as directors are seeking more complex subjects, often exploring the tough life in the slums.

It is also the case of two exceptional movies, “Slumdog Millionaire” and “Life of Pi”, both winning prestigious Academy awards and the respect and admiration of the entire world. And, even though “Disco Sannya” is far from being an excellent movie, we still recommend you to see it and give us your thought about it.


The story behind this 2016 Indian movie is simple and complex at the same time. As with many Indian movies recently, it tries to explore the emotional side of people and the unlikely relationships between children and adults in which both parties can lie, cheat, betray or, on the contrary, become positive influences.

Sanya is a little boy who grew up on the streets and is respected and reputed in his area. He tries to make a living by selling different things and is already the leader of a small gang of people who would do anything to follow him and be like him.

But, even though he grew up on the streets, Sanya has a strong moral compass and struggles to make a legal living without resorting to crimes. He doesn’t like stealing and people who take advantage of him and his friends.

One day he stumbles across Shreyas Kale, a narcissistic millionaire who’s extremely arrogant and annoying. He tries to sell some garlands to him but, through a series of unhappy events, Sannya and Shreyas become ultimately linked, a thing that will change their lives forever.

The little boy manages to enter the millionaire’s house and life and will soon be accepted by Kale’s wife, Chitra, in a desperate attempt to reunite the family.


What’s the movie about?

Without any spoilers or too many details, we truly recommend you to watch this movie. It’s the perfect solution for a rainy Sunday afternoon or for a cuddling night spent with your significant other.

This movie is about love, friendship, and uncommon partnerships that become friendships forever. It’s not a comedy in its classical definition, but there are plenty of funny moments that will make you burst into laughter.


My all-time favorite dog movies


It is said that dogs are people’s best friends. Time has proven that this statement is true. A special connection is created between this noble pet and his or her owner. Sometimes, the bond is so strong that not even death can break it.

The real world gives us plenty of examples of amazing friendships between brave dogs and their owners. Some of them even became movie scripts. Animals, on the other hand, write their own stories because they give us some lessons about courage and loyalty every day.

Most people who love canines also love watching movies about them. These films can be seen with the entire family, no matter if the category is animation, drama, adventure or comedy pictures. Next, let’s mention some of the most successful movies with and about people’s best friends. It’s a random order because all of them deserve the 1st place.

This movie is inspired by a true story. The faithful dog that was waiting for his owner at the train station even after the man was dead impressed the entire world. It gives us a lesson about the power of true friendship;

  •    Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

The film tells the story of three pets – two dogs and a cat. They think that their owners abandoned them and start an amazing journey to find their family;

  •    Eight Below

The message we get from this film is that dogs are amazing survivors. The movie was inspired by a real-life situation. A team of dogs remains stuck in Antarctica after a mission and they are forced to survive until their owner comes back for them. The main part was played by Paul Walker;

  •    Old Yeller

True friends will always remember each other. This movie presents the heartwarming friendship between a boy who lives in Texas in the late 1800s and his dog;

  •    White Fang

The story about the taming of a wolf-dog and the beginning of a beautiful friendship still has the power to make both grown-ups and children shed some tears;

Marley is one of the cutest dogs you have seen in a movie. It is a pet that will change a family’s life. Thanks to him, the owners will learn to accept and love themselves with all their flaws;

  •    Beethoven

Everybody knows this huge, but funny hero. He is loyal and will always protect his family with every cost;

  •    Iron Will is another film that describes the special connection that can be created between a dog and his owner. They become the best teammates and manage to win an important competition;
  •    Lassie is the movie which captivated many generations. The story of a little boy and his dog are an example of what real friendship looks like;
  •    Last, but not least, we should also mention some cartoons like The Lady and the Tramp, All dogs go to heaven, 1001 Dalmatians and others.

There are other great stories about our furry friends, but these are my favorite. Maybe you already saw some of them, but in case you haven’t, my advice is look for them and enjoy!


How to keep tabs on your dog all the time


Technology has in a sense become an integrated part of our daily lives, and we cannot imagine ever living without it. It is in our light switches, in our sandwich-makers, and even in our toothbrushes. So why not let it help us become better, more responsible pet owners? The market is abundant with gadgets that help you care for your furry friend.

You can find all types of products, large and small, that allow you to track your dog from the comfort of your own bed, so you can always have an idea about its whereabouts. This way, even if you have a companion who likes to wander, especially during the mating season, one of the gadgets we will talk about in a few seconds will ensure that you can find it instantly before it creates any problems.

All of these beautiful inventions are a great way of giving some freedom to your pet and some peace of mind to yourself. This means you’re both going to be happier and that the bond you two share is going to be strengthened. There’s nothing better than knowing your dog loves you.

The hottest tools in the market right now are tracking collars. They are amazing because they are comfortable, good looking and minimalist in design. Even if you are a vigilant owner, it is still possible your pet might get lost, especially if you have a big yard. To fix that, you will need a premium model and a good map app.

Tracking collars offer a simple solution to that dilemma, and you can find plenty of items on the market that can match your own style and the breed of your dog. If you take a product from this category apart, you will soon realize that it’s made up of two elements: a classic collar and a tiny tracking chip, like the one inside your phone. Here you have a nice selection if you need a dog collar with gps.

Speaking of chips, the best next thing for your dog could be a microchip. It’s pretty much the same thing as the previous item; the only difference is that it gets under the skin of your pet and not on the collar. The procedure is simple and pain-free, and non-traumatizing for your furball. The major benefits of this type of technology are the fact that it works permanently and that you can’t lose the chip.

The downsides are minimal. Some people fear the chip might be toxic, thus leading to certain diseases. However, research never proved that, and most vets recommend a subdermal chip. Also, if you do opt for this, make sure you update your address and cell phone number, so in case your dog gets lost, and other people find it, they will be able to reach you.

The last method of keeping tabs on your pet at all times is buying a two-way camera or a baby monitor. This way, you can watch your dog’s every move while you are at work since a camera will show you every shenanigan it does while inside the house.